Beneficial use and recycling of organic and mineral resources
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The Organics Journey

Join us for a visual journey through the mysterious and worthwhile world of industrial organics and mineral recycling. Learn more
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Rhode Island Compost- Bags

The secret to maintaining safe, healthy soil that consistently yields hearty root and plant growth is the addition of beneficial microorganisms and... Learn more
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Fertilizer Bulk

In addition to providing N-P-K, Earthlife Fertilizer Pellets are an excellent source of micronutrients and organic matter. The slow release organic... Learn more
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Celebrating the Importance of our Soils

Casella Organics celebrates World Soils Day - Dec 5 - in concert with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 2015 is the... Learn more
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Innovative Resource Solutions

We believe that innovation, skill, and a measure of creative thinking are an important part of managing a broad range of solid waste challenges. That’s why we are constantly evaluating new technologies and services to manage society’s residual waste streams. Request your free consultation today!