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BIOSOLIDS & SEAWEED: Recycling in Rockland, Maine

October 25, 2006 - 2:56pm

Beautiful Rockland Harbor, one of Maine's preeminent tourist destinations, is also a source of biosolids for New England Organics' Hawk Ridge Compost Facility.  For 11 years the Rockland Wastewater Treatment Plant has relied upon New England Organics to compost the City’s biosolids and return premium EARTHLIFE compost to the area’s landscapers and residents to complete the recycling loop. Terry Pinto, the plant manager, has recently entrusted New England Organics with the transportation of his biosolids, as well.  Together we have enhanced the program’s efficiency and reduced the City’s need to replace and maintain transportation assets.  You can learn more about the City of Rockland at

Right next door to the treatment plant, the inquisitive tourist will discover FMC Biopolymer, Maine's only seaweed processing plant.  FMC converts seaweed into carrageenan and other valuable products.  After extracting the high end products from seaweed, FMC converts all the remaining material into Algefiber TM soil amendment.  In 2006, FMC’s Production Manager Paul Rhoda and his colleague John McGuire selected New England Organics to develop a distribution program to bring Algefiber to  local Maine farmers.  A combination of R&D, strategic sales and efficient transportation operations have brought immediate success to this new program.  Visit the FMC web site to learn more about the seaweed products you use every day at

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