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Fertilimer - Unity, Maine

Fertilimer™ (0.9-0.3-0.0) is a unique agricultural soil amendment formulated with Lime Cake, produced at precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) plants and blended with Casella Organics’ compost. Fertilimer serves to enhance agricultural soils by offering high lime value and nutrient rich organic matter.

Fertilimer is the ultimate soil amendment! Fertilimer is a custom blend of Lime Cake and Compost. It is a potent source of calcium, magnesium, provides a pH boost, and builds soil organic matter.

Fertilimer is so popular, we have a hard time keeping it around, but luckily we've got a bunch of other liming agents that provide similar benefits.



An application rate of 6.0 tons/acre is equivalent to the liming value of one ton of commercial lime, offers 67 lbs of total nitrogen, 104 lbs of available phosphoric acid and 9.0 lbs of soluble potash. Fertilimer can be spread with conventional manure spreading equipment. Actual application rate should be based on soil analyses and crop to be grown.

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