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Unique in the landscape industry, Superhumus is processed from a blend of forest soil, fine bark, organic matter, sand and fine stone. These natural ingredients are washed off of logs in a wood yard water flume in Jay, Maine. Superhumus is screened (<7/8”) and has been used extensively since 1990 as a potting mix, park and trail mulch, slope stabilizer and as an amendment for heavy soils.


Container Growing

Use aged Superhumus for container growing of many ornamentals and as an ingredient custom blended potting mixes.

Park & Trail Mulch

Apply 2-4” of Superhumus to achieve a natural appearance and smooth walking surface.

Slope Stabilization

Apply 3-6” of Superhumus to soil surfaces to effectively stabilize slopes.

Soil Amendment

Mix 10-30% uniformly by volume. Add additional fertilizer as may be needed.

Best Practices

Proper soil and subsoil drainage should be assured prior to determining compost, fertilizer and lime application rates. Product application rates and soil amendment requirements are influenced by plant selection, soil/media quality, site characteristics, soil amendment attributes and other factors. Have your soil and soil/Superhumus blend tested by a reputable laboratory.


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