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Our New England produced, slow release 4-2-0+Iron fertilizer is a favorite for gardens, lawns, shrubs, and planters.  The organic matter and nutrients in these easy-to-handle granules break down slowly, nurturing your lawn and garden from one year to the next.


Sustainable - made from natural organic materials rather than synthetically produced from fossil fuels
Locally produced in New England
The slow release formula provides nutrients as your plants need them



For annuals and perennials, apply 5 lbs. (just under 4 quarts) per 100 square fee3t when planting.  Apply 3 lbs.  (a little more than 2 quarts) per 100 square feet after 12 weeks.


For Lawns, apply 40 lbs. per 2000 square feet.  For established lawns, apply evenly 3 times during the growing season:  Spring, Summer, and late Fall.

Transplanting Shrubs

Apply 1 pint for transplanting, 1.5 pints for spring fertilization.  At transplanting, mix with soil used to fill the space between the root ball and the planting hole.

Best Practices

The secret to the benefits of any high organic matter products are maintaining a healthy soil environment conducive to biological life. For best results have your soil and soil/pellet blend tested by a reputable laboratory and review your test results with a trained agricultural/soil professional.

CT #413, MA #371, NC, NH, VT #8463

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